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things he was famous for in argentina. >> he's famous for where he moved out of the residence and lives in a small apartment there. he takes the subway to work. he will stop and talk to people on the subway. he is -- he lived the way he grew up, an ordinary citizen. >> reporter: as an ordinary citizen, he went to a secular university, where he earned what is the equivalent of a masters degree in chemistry, so he is able to understand more than just theology. he says he understands why the cardinals might have selected him, and that they will get a man who will stand by his convictions and teachings no matter what. another thing he remembered about the pope is although they were only together for a couple of weeks, in that short amount of time there were people that
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got to know padre bergoglio and sought out his counsel specifically. coming up, we'll show you the reaction of the students here on this campus, santa clara university, which is a jesuit institution. it was almost like watching the final bracket for the sweet 16. >> thank you, kris. more than 1.2 billion catholics around the world. and president obama issued this statement just hours after the announcement. on what have of the american people, michelle and i offer our warmest wishes to his holiness pope francis. as a champion of the poor and the most vulnerable among us, he carries the message of love and compassion that has inspired the world for more than 2,000 years. there will be a special mass on march 19 to officially install the pope. he was the runner-up to pope benedict at the conclave just eight years ago. he's the first ever jesuit pope,
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despite the jesuits are the largest order of priests in the world. >> in san francisco, catholic parishioners say they feel an almost instant bond with the pope. jodi hernandez is live to explain. >> reporter: he bears the name of st. francis, so folks felt a special connection with the name he chose. catholics across the area say they feel encouraged by what this new pope brings to the table. >> when i heard the bells tolling at about 11:30, that told me a new pope was -- had been chosen. >> reporter: and the ringing of the church bells brought parishioners out to pray. while others gathered around an ipad to watch as the new pope made his first appearance. >> i'm really excited, you know, to be at the cathedral here this
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afternoon, to be able to witness the election of the new pope. >> this is certainly a very happy and historic day for the catholic church. >> reporter: san francisco's archbishop says he's overcome with feelings of joy and peace at the election of pope francis i. not only did he take his name of francis of assisi, but san francisco's former bishop was one of 115 cardinals who selected the pope. >> just as every cardinal brought the perspective of the part of the world he came from, he would have brought the perspective of people here in the bay area. >> reporter: while it caught most by surprise, many hope it signals change for a church that's been wrestling with challenges, including a shortage of priests and a sexual abuse crisis.
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>> let's hope that we can have some changes and the american catholic church is very different than the rest of the world. so i think it's quite important that everyone be listened to. >> for latino catholics, we see it as a triumph. but with the triumph comes the cross. >> reporter: st. mary's cathedral will hold a special noon mass tomorrow to celebrate the new pope. that mass will be officiated by the archbishop of san francisco. again, it will take place right here tomorrow at noon. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. we have a complete section on our website dedicated to the election of the new pope, including video of the celebrations and more about what goes into the pope's name choice. new details in a case we brought you last night. parents are threatening to pull their kids out of a preschool after a teacher was arrested for allegedly trying to drug the
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toddlers. there are also threats of a lawsuit. marianne favro joins us with more on these new developments. >> reporter: tonight at 6:30, there will be a parent meeting here in morgan hill to talk about what happened. but some parents i talked with this afternoon say they have no intention of attending that meeting, because they have already pulled their children out of the child care facility. one of the moms who we talked to asked we not use her name, went into the academy today and gathered the belongings of her 21-month-old daughter. administrators didn't inform her right away that her daughter's teacher was spotted friday putting sleep medication into the sippy couples of several children. >> no one said anything to me. but when i first heard about it was 7:30 in the morning from the police department. so i knew nothing on friday. i knew nothing on monday.
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and i knew nothing over the weekend. that is my biggest frustration. >> reporter: police arrested her on felony child endangerment charges. a judge released her last night. we tried to talk to her at her hollister home. a woman claiming to be her tenant screamed at reporters. police were unable to perform lab tests on the cups which had been rinsed since they were not informed friday. police say it's a very real possibility that she may have done it before. kitty academy issued a statement today that says that they did fire her immediately and they take this matter very seriously. they also say they confiscated the cups before the children had a chance to drink out of them. as for the mother, she says she's now planning legal action against kitty academy.
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reporting live in morgan hill, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. at another school, a threatening message scrawled on a bathroom wall has police stepping up patrols. the message, discovered yesterday, threatens a campus shooting tomorrow. today, police briefed faculty and staff and they're questioning students and asking anyone with information to come forward. some parents notified the school they're keeping their children home tomorrow. >> we want students to feel safe. if that means staying home, that's okay. we would prefer them to come in and we're close to testing and the end of the report card period. so we would like education to go on as normal. >> the increased police presence at foothill high school is expected to last all week. the early warning system works. the 4.7 trembler is being called
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a successful test for a new system the u.s. geological survey is developing. the prototype system gave them a 35-second warning before the quake. experts say that's enough. it's enough notice for trains to stop, utilities to shut off or children to duck under desks. the warnings are not yet public because it's still in the testing process. still ahead, two bay area titans are teaming up. what they're doing to let you get more social. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. we're track thing record setting heat today. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average. right now 76 in livermore and 79 in santa rosa. that 79 was good enough in santa rosa for a new record. we're going to talk more on this heat, how long it lasts and when much welcomed rain returns in just a few minutes. some students who want more than just an education. the bay area college lobbying for a say in the city.
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can gay and straight scouts share a tent? the next step.
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what will the survey reveal in the wake of the boy scout's ban on gays. the survey will include questions such as whether straight and gay scouts should share a tent on a camping trip. and should a gay youth minister be allowed to serve as a scout master? at a national meeting in may, scout leaders are expected to vote on whether to drop or extend the ban on gays. the u.s. military is in the hotseat over sex assault cases. a senate hearing on the issue was held today on capitol hill after a guilty verdict was dismissed in the case of an air force pilot in italy.
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the suspect's commanding officer dropped all charges despite the judge's conviction. it's legal under military law, but legislation is now in the works that would change that. pentagon officials admit a review of military law is needed. >> there is something that seems odd about the power to reject findings that came out of a jury. >> congresswoman jackie spear is praise thing new legislation. she's been a big critic of the military's handling of sex assault cases. the killer was accused of rape twice in the military, but he was discharged from the military instead of prison. if military law had been different, the shooter might still have been in prison. today, the dow closed in positive territory, marking the longest winning streak in 16 years.
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the dow finished up for the ninth straight day. take a look at the numbers. the dow up just five points but enough to set a record. the nasdaq and s&p also lineup. retail stocks jumped on a report of increase in consumer spending. police are looking for two people accused of beating a woman and stealing her purse. these are pictures of the two suspects. they got off at the race street station. the female suspect, described as hispanic in her 20s, punched and kicked the woman until she fell to the ground. the male suspect then ripped the purse from her hands. the robbery happened in february. the san francisco symphony has canceled tomorrow's concert because of a pay dispute. instead of continuing negotiations, the musicians went
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on strike. this newest proposal offered them a three-career contract, average pay of $165,000, and the same benefits package they have now. >> the current economic environment, the san francisco symphony is chasing the same challenges that other institutions around the country are facing. for all four years of the most collective bargaining agreement, operating expenses have outpaced operating income. >> the standoff continues. if you have tickets for tomorrow afternoon's concert, you can exchange them or get a refund. >> it will be at least another week before the restaurant can reassess when it might reopen after a fire last friday. the restaurant posted on its website that it's canceling all reservations through march 30, but they'll start taking new reservations for after that day starting on march 18. workers are still trying to clean up the smoke damage. the cause of the fire is under
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investigation, but authorities expect an electrical issue. a group of uc berkeley students is calling for a bigger voice in city politics. they want to create a city council district around the campus, including a spot for a student on berkeley's city council. the city is currently drawing up new districts. students make up a quarter of the population and say they deserve a voice. >> we've been working two years to change the rules, rules created in a very unfair process and restricted students from having our voice heard. >> the mayor says he supports the idea but doesn't think the new council member should be required to be a cal student. california is introducing new legislation today mandating all state schools accept online course credit for students who can't get into classes on campus. in california, about 7,000 students are currently on waiting lists for classes they need. that's part of the reason why in the cal state university system,
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only 16% of students graduate within four years. the new bill would give students credit for online courses taught by their university, as well as by private companies. if you went around town today, a lot of people in shorts. >> it's wild out here today, guys. forget winter, as forget spring for some spots. we skipped ahead to early summer. gilroy, one of the warmest spots with 87 degrees. 82 in morgan hill. coming in with 79 respectively 79 in santa rosa. that 87, we're still waiting for that number to get certified. it could go down as the warmest day ever. so never this hot ever since recordkeeping started at the national weather service. the last record was 83 degrees. numbers cooling off just slightly, but it is going to be
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down right gorgeous here. 82 in gilroy. 72 in san jose. 70s up into san francisco and 79 in santa rosa. gilroy was the warmest today. it was first on stop here for some of the warm air aloft. we do have the haze. we had some fog this morning. a lot of that burned off. we'll have moderate air quality the next 48 hours. to the north, a gorgeous view here, looking back towards san francisco. so this shallow marine layer continues to be with us. we're going to see that beefing up here over the next 24 hours. storm track is just off to the north. high pressure will shield us from any kind of raindrops the next two days. we're going to find that jet stream pushing to the south, increasing the cloud cover and give us cooling for tomorrow. i don't think we'll be in the 80s throughout thursday and friday. mainly the 70s for the interior
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valleys and closer to the coastline, temperatures in the 50s and also 60s. for the morning hours, cloud cover increasing from 10:00 a.m. to the noon hour and mainly sunshine throughout your sunday. so increasing cloud cover as compared to today. 48 in san jose. 46 in livermore. daytime highs on thursday, cooling off with that increase in cloud cover but mild for this time of the year. low to mid 70s in the south bay. 74 in san jose. low 70s in walnut creek. san francisco, 69. 73 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, stays dry the next three days. temperatures going down a little bit. as spring arrives next week, we get showers, much-needed rainfall. we've had under two inches of rain for all of 2013. drought conditions settling in. on the first day of spring on
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wednesday, maybe a quarter inch of rainfall. we're going to keep a close eye on that. the last call later. coming up, the new plan to keep bars open past 2:00 a.m. and still ahead, could your e-mail hold clues to your weight? the new obesity link, next.
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who you e-mail could reveal your weight status. researchers used e-mail to track obesity in the workplace. the study found a link between the frequency co-workers e-mailed each other and their body mass index. obese co-workers were more likely to e-mail each other. researchers at the health weight center hope that these types of social networks in the workplace that can used to spread more helpful messages. how about one more round of drinks after 2:00 a.m. maybe. a new bill would allow california bars to be open until 4:00 a.m.
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senator mark leno wants to let clubs and bars that already stay open past 2:00 a.m. to continue serving alcohol. the bill would allow cities and counties to petition individually for the later alcohol service. this is a similar policy that they have in new york and other major cities. two bay area companies are finally joining forces. you'll be able to like movies from netflix on facebook with a new app. you won't be able to use facebook to see what your friends watch, but you'll be able to see on netflix what your friends watch. netflix member also have access to the connection features by the end of this week. >> i'll be looking for recommendations on that. back in a moment. stay with us.
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we have dressed for the weather. yellow, yellow. sunshine. >> i'm the odd one. >> you want cold weather. >> next week, maybe. >> definitely. rain also coming our way. it's going to be warm again for tomorrow. not quite as hot for this time of the year. mid 70s inland. by next week, we're expecting rainfall on wednesday, about a quarter inch. and temperatures also dropping down into the 60s. so very unusual day for us. but it's going to stay mild the next couple of days. >> thank you, jeff. up next, extensive coverage from rome. >> hope to see you here at 6:00. good night.
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on the broadcast tonight, the election of a new pope. the first ever from the americas. the first jesuit. he will be known as pope francis, the cardinal from argentina. tonight, his debut to the world beginning with an act of humility. the reaction from rome, from latin america, from around the world and across the united states, and the job ahead for this 76-year-old man after an extraordinary day in the catholic church. extraordinary day in the catholic church. "nbc nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. he is the first named francis, the first from latin america, the first jesuit. the cardinals of the catholic church voting in secret elected a 76-year-old colleague as the
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head of their church of over 1 billion people worldwide. tonight, biographers are rushing to fill in the gaps, the details of his life, this man with a degree in chemistry who served as a cardinal in buenos aires where he lived a modest life and is known as something of a champion for the poor. his first act today was one of humility, asking for a blessing in his new role with a deep bow to the audience. he takes over during what our vatican analyst calls a hingepoint for the catholic church. in the midst of a crisis, shaken in this country by an abuse scandal. now anxious to begin a new era starting tonight. we begin with our team covering it all at the vatican. anne thompson was in st. peter's square for the big moment today. anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. this was a surprise in a month that has been full of them. starting with pope benedict's decision to do something unheard of -- retire -- to today's choice of a cardinal from the new world.

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